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T. GowdyCA/DE

T. Gowdy<sup>CA/DE</sup>
T. GowdyCA/DE
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08.25 | 22:00_03:30 Montréal time
Live: 00:00_00:45 Montréal time

Canadian music composer and audiovisual artist Timothy Gowdy started his professional career as a singer in Princeton, New Jersey’s American Boychoir, before pursuing classical guitar studies and a Master’s degree in Sound Recording at Montréal’s Schulich School of Music. Since graduating in 2007, he has been credited with more than seventy albums between 2008 and today, namely for artists such as Ensemble, Coral Egan and SUUNS.

Gowdy released his first solo album, B-Stock, in February 2018. Simultaneously, his live A/V performances were featured in a number of art galleries in Berlin and at MUTEK Montréal. His second album, a limited edition cassette titled Vitrify Kate, was released in the summer of 2018. Pachira Aquatica followed in 2019, after which Gowdy showcased A/V installations across cities in Poland and Germany, as well as the Barcelona edition of MUTEK. Concurrently, he was 2019’s artist-in-residence at the Eastern Bloc’s Data Salon XXXIII, which yielded his Forward Feed installation.

Despite pandemic-related restrictions, T. Gowdy has been prolific since the release of his fourth album, Therapy With Colour, in May 2020. He has notably presented performances at numerous festivals, namely MUTEK Montréal, Node Festival and NEW NOW; he has showcased A/V works at a number of galleries and events in Europe, and was the sound designer for filmmaker Emma Roufs’ documentary Atalaya. Ever the fertile artist, Gowdy will release Miracles (slated for June 2022), his fifth opus and second on renowned label Constellation.

The Aufhebung project seeks to dismantle the traditional relationship between public and performer through an electronic/electroacoustic lens, and within the infrastructures afforded by modern music venues. Preferring to be situated among the audience rather than on stage, T. Gowdy will mix 8 channels of surround sound through the main PA speakers, as well as a series of monitor wedges encircling the audience; in doing so, Gowdy manipulated the entire context of his live performance.


Timothy Gowdy is a Berlin-based, Canadian electronic musician and A/V performer who also worked as a producer and studio technician on dozens of albums.


Constellation, Birdsoundz, Liberation Through Hearing, Shimmering Moods


Miracles (Constellation, 2022)
Therapy With Colour (Constellation, 2020)
Pachira Aquatica (Shimmering Moods, 2019)
Vitrify Kate ‎(Liberation Through Hearing, 2018)
B-Stock (2018)


Timothy Gowdy currently focuses on the use of sound feedback as a means of augmenting interactivity in sound environments, as well as the deconstruction and re-synthesis of urban sonic environments.