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Fix the asymmetry of art, culture, and commerce

The pandemic has shed light on how gatekeepers and distribution platforms can isolate artists from their audience, thus diminishing the value and impact of their work. We believe that rebuilding culture and fixing the asymmetry can be done by making patrons of brands and companies, who now play a more pivotal role in culture. Art and culture define HOW and WHY we live. By investing and platforming art, you can help us build a sustainable future for culture.

Why choose MUTEK?

Whether you want to change your brand perception, increase awareness, or present your latest news in the most organic way to an engaged audience, MUTEK offers a bridge between you and your goals. Our partners explore new territories through immersive art—attendees are open, curious, and interactive: they want to try, test, and feel. Memorable experiences create a solid bond.

Partners are integrated into the heart of the event, creating a real dialogue with artists and festival-goers, in a constructive and non-invasive osmosis. We are flexible and seek to empower our proposals to meet your objectives.

Strategic priorities

  • Develop a new vision of partnerships and festival activations
  • Offer a platform where brands can test and push their barriers creatively
  • Enrich the festival journey through organic experiential marketing
  • Establish strong relationships between dynamic companies and MUTEK’s audience

Join a real happening in digital creativity to:

  • Benefit from content association with a leading clientele
  • Contribute to the development of cultural diversity
  • Create a tangible experience
  • Support our MUTEK sustainability achievements and goals

Companies that have trusted MUTEK in Montreal and around the world:
Ableton, Absolut, Adidas, Air Canada, BeatConnect, Estrella Damm, Hennessy Very Special, KDDI, LANDR, Mazda, Movistar, Nissan, Panasonic, Red Bull, Reebok, Roland, Samsung, SEAT, Sony, Soundworks, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine/Epic Games, Vans, among others.

Contact and additional information:

Pablo Del Bosco
Partnerships and Digital Director

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