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Planetary Assault Systems (Luke Slater)UK

Planetary Assault Systems (Luke Slater)<sup>UK</sup>
Planetary Assault Systems (Luke Slater)UK
Nocturne 3

08.26 | 22:00_03:00 Montréal time
Live: 01:30_02:45 Montréal time

Luke Slater, aka Planetary Assault Systems, is a musician and pioneer of British techno. A progressive rock drummer since the age of 12, he chose to explore electronic music as a teenager. He released his first track in 1989, followed by several tracks under different pseudonyms: Clementine, 7th Plain, Planetary Assault Systems and others, on different labels. It was not until 1997 that his first album, Freek Funk, was released by Novamute, closely followed by Wireless in 1999. Despite his various aliases, Planetary Assault Systems remains the producer's most influential pseudonym, leaving a definitive mark on more than 15 years of global techno history. Although his early work mainly explored electro sounds, Planetary Assault Systems remained the home of his tracks closest to the percussive, powerful, slamming techno of the early 90s. Since then, the artist has become synonymous with hypnotic, soulful, funky techno that blurs the lines between pure psychedelic and cutting-edge techno, always capturing the best elements of the genre.

On his latest release Skyscraping, the influential producer decided to give his fans a loud and decidedly upbeat celebration of the familiar environments so beloved by the electronic music, club and festival community. On this superb new album, Slater not only draws from his studio material but also from material recorded at the famous Planetary Assault concert, reminding fans of his unwavering love for the dance floor.

This year at MUTEK, we can expect a rich, hard-hitting performance that showcases Planetary Assault Systems' ability to cut, mix and rework their Detroit techno influenced roots with contemporary sounds. A multidisciplinarity that has earned Luke Slater residencies at the Berghain, as well as appearances at nearly every major club and festival you can think of - from the Dutch forest of Dekmantel to the incredible setting of Japan's Fuji Rock Festival.


Luke Slater, alias Planetary Assault Systems, est un musicien techno britannique, DJ et producteur. Il est l'une des énigmes les plus caméléonesques de la techno mondiale, passant d'une variante à l'autre du genre avec une clarté euphorique.


Ostgut Ton, Mote-Evolver, Peacefrog records, Novamute, General Production recordings, Mute records


Sky Scraping (Token, 2021)
Say It Loud (Token, 2021)
Straight Shooting (Mote-Evolver, 2019)
Plantae (Ostgut Ton, 2019)


A key player in the UK and now global techno scene, Luke Slater has been in all the right electronic bands since the early 90s and, like other electronic visionaries and sonic wizards such as Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin, has never stopped smelling the roses. Born in Berkshire, he is a major player whose sound and (punk) attitude are unmistakable.