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Liliane ChlelaLB/QC

Liliane Chlela<sup>LB/QC</sup>
Liliane ChlelaLB/QC
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08.27 | 22:00_03:00 Montréal time
Live A/V: 22:55_23:30 Montréal time

Producer, DJ and performer Liliane Chlela is widely known in electronic and experimental scenes for her unique and audacious approach to sound, stirring audiences into pushing the limits of their auditory experiences ever further. Through her signature techniques, she explores the relationships between improvisation and the manipulation of sounds from wide-ranging musical genres.

With three self-produced albums already under her belt, Chlela’s latest album Safala blends field recordings, personal memories and incantations with pioneering and disruptive sounds; she notably premiered it to great acclaim at Tusk Festival in the UK. A propensity for transdisciplinary research led her to develop her audiovisual skills and apply them to a wide variety of fields, including fashion films, interactive installations and performance art. Boasting a decidedly diverse and adventurous sound palette, the Lebanese-born and Montréal-based artist is now lauded as of the most multifaceted female producer/musician across the Middle-East, West Asia and North Africa.

Dig deep inside Liliane Chlela’s music and you’ll find relentless, dark electronic beats mingled with anger and anguish. For this live interpretation of Safala, the artist will tap into her personal heritage and birth a sonic concoction anchored in the inherited oral epistemologies of her ancestors, layered on a backdrop of haunting film sequences and graphics compiled by Beiruth’s Kawakeb studio.

Presented as part of the Keychange project, led by Reeperbahn Festival, PRS Foundation and Musikcentrum Öst, with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Hybrid DJ and producer Liliane Chlela, known for her distinctive sound processing, pushes the boundaries of sound, movement and auditory perceptions.


Amygdala Records


Safala (Amygdala Records, 2021)
Malign/Benign (Amygdala Records, 2020)


A versatile collaborator, Liliane Chlela joined forces with artists as diverse as multi-instrumentalist and composer Khyam Allami, bassist Björn Meyer and vocalist Hamed Sinno from indie band Mashrou' Leila.