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Icky MagdalaCA/QC

Icky Magdala<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Icky MagdalaCA/QC
Expérience 2

08.24 | 17:00_23:00 Montréal time
Live: 19:00_20:00 Montréal time

A veritable pillar of Montréal’s underground scene, Icky Magdala finds much appreciation for the soundsystem and vinyl cultures. Having started her career by mixing classic hip-hop and house vinyls, she became inspired by different musical styles, nowadays navigating through the worlds of dub, jungle, drum and bass and acid techno. Over time she became more than a simple vinyl-prone DJ, but a truly versatile artist and producer who solely uses hardware such as the Elektron Analog Four, the Roland SP-404 and the iconic MC-307 to give an experimental feel to her live gigs.

A 10-year veteran of the Montréal scene, both as a solo artist and alongside local music collectives such as Tekon Acid Crew, Pull-Up Selecta, Loop Sessions and Quebec Dream Team (QDT), she has performed at Piknic Électronik, FME, Timeless Festival and Mexico’s Tribunion Festival, along with a plethora of the many weekly events that define the Montréal nightlife. Also the radio host of Bridges to Dub, she continues her lifelong mission to spread good music and good vibes.

For her MUTEK debut on the l’esplanade Tranquille stage, Montréal veteran Icky Magdala will immerse the public in the very personal musical universe she created for herself. This live electronic music performance, fully crafted with hardware, will undoubtedly please both dancefloor enthusiasts and music lovers fond of acid, techno and bass soundscapes.


Homegrown veteran DJ and producer Icky Magdala prefers to let the music and machines speak for themselves.


Icky Magdala (2014)


Icky Magdala recently returned to her vinyl roots for the 2022 edition of the Music Is My Sanctuary collective’s famed 24 Hours of Vinyl event, presented during Montréal’s Nuit Blanche.