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Experience 6

08.28 | 17:00_23:00 Montréal time
Live: 17:00_18:30 Montréal time

Growing up between Chile and Canada, Michael Flandez has been surrounded by eclectic styles of music; from prog rock (Pink Floyd, Los Jaivas) to jazz (Joe Pass, Art Tatum), by way of classical (Claude Debussy, John Field) and heavy doses of traditional South American folk music (cueca, cumbia, salsa), these elements all influenced Flandez’s musical journey in some form. But his pivot to electronic music truly took place with his move to Québec. Since settling in Montréal, Flandez promoted several underground parties, made a name for himself as a DJ and live performer for private and public events, produced music for a number of labels across the Americas and Europe and manages German-Canadian vinyl label Canicule Musique, for which he also produces original music as Anselmo & Benjamin, alongside label co-founder Esteban De Haro. Canicule Musique releases cosmic and psychedelic house tracks ideally suited for dancefloors and features collaborations with other renowned artists and remixers such as Alicia Hush, Ana+one, Sakro, HEAR and Billy Dallesandro, among others. Ever the curious explorer of various emotional states of mind and spirit through music, Flandez also self-released several EPs and albums through the Bandcamp platform.

With Human, Flandez showcases an eclectic collage of sounds recorded and reworked over the last year. Throughout the performance, unexpected turns and a quasi-cinematic narration will be brought forward in a conventional 4/4 tempo sprinkled with syncopated percussive elements, bouncy basslines and enigmatic vocals, and layered on improvised rhythms and modular melodies.


Chilean-Mexican DJ, producer and label manager Michael Flandez, a fixture of Montréal’s electronic scene for the past several years.


Canicule Musique, Klangscheiben, Hushlamb Label Project, Minimadelic, Future Montreal, Moob Records, DXL Records, CELO, Park Recordings, Psicoldelica, Conceptual


Bent EP (2020)
Espiral EP (2020)
Fuga EP (2019)
The Modern Highlife (2019)


Flandez recently remixed a traditional Mexican song which will be featured in a documentary paying tribute to the work of Montréal-based Mexican actress and singer Ana Gloria Blanch.