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Efe Ce EleCO/ES

Efe Ce Ele<sup>CO/ES</sup>
Efe Ce EleCO/ES

Efe Ce Ele (Feli Cabrera López) is a musician, producer and transmedia artist of Colombian origin currently based in Barcelona and Buenos, focusing mainly on the possible interactions between body, sound, image and technology. After following a path of no return in the world of music since her childhood, she learns different instruments and plays with different bands until her adolescence. Her debut in the world of electronic music began definitively when she arrived in the South American city of Buenos Aires, at the age of 18. Efe Ce Ele began private lessons in sound synthesis, sampling techniques and music production that have accompanied her throughout her career.

Focusing mainly on noise, sound design, embodiment and bio-interactivity, Efe Ce Ele elaborates experiments by alternating genres such as IDM, techno, electro and ambient. Through her multidisciplinary practice, the Colombian producer elaborates audiovisual performances combining different media and works that have been performed, exhibited and published in many countries of Latin America, Europe and Asia, as well as installations. Her work is known to be immersive, eclectic, abstract, algorithmic and political. Since then, she has been exhibited in several important venues around the world and in different formats such as A/V Live Set, audiovisual, installation and electronic music.

This year at MUTEK, Efe Ce Ele presents Flowers, an audiovisual live set conceived as a metaphor for deconstructed beauty. Created with different algorithmic technological resources, Flowers creates an avant-garde visual and auditory immersive experience, enveloping reality in a parallel world centered on sensitivity and emotion.

Presented as part of the Keychange project, led by Reeperbahn Festival, PRS Foundation and Musikcentrum Öst, with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Inside (Dissident Movement, 2020)
Nacer (Ediciones Éter, 2020)
Coltan (sound-space, 2020)
Sync (2019)


Always transiting between minimal, ambient and brutalism, Efe Ce Ele is becoming a difficult character to pigeonhole, playing with duality and rigidity of concepts and counter-concepts.